Advantages of Digital Photography

Digital technology is finding a place in almost everyone's lives. From digital music to digital movies we are constantly exposed to images and sound that have passed from the traditional analog domain into the new digital formats. Digital photography is...

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Digital photographs are the result of light hitting the image sensor. Too much light and the photograph will be washed out. Too little light and the photograph will be too dark. The shutter determines how much light enters the camera,...
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Batteries for Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are electronic devices so they need a power source of some kind. The most convenient way to power your camera is with batteries. Although some models can be connected directly to an AC outlet, this is impractical for...

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Digital Camera Buying Guide – Part One

Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of digital photography? This series of articles will help you choose the best camera for your needs. The first thing to consider is why you want a digital camera. The...

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Digital Camera Buying Guide – Part Two

The simplest digital cameras are point-and-shoot cameras -- simply aim them and push the button. They are very easy to use and are suitable for people who simply want to take family or vacation snapshots. The downside to point-and-shoot cameras...

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Classic Photography vs Digital Photography

Even though digital photography is a revolutionary new way to take pictures, it is very much based on traditional photography and uses many of the same principals. Both types of photography require a lens to focus the light and a...

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Colour Balancing

The human eye can easily adapt to different light conditions so that objects maintain their 'true' colour. If we look at a blue ball, for example, we see the same shade of blue indoors and outdoors and under cloudy or...

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Using Flash

Automatic flash is a great tool for solving common lighting problems, but unless used with care it can create some problems of its own. Almost every digital camera is equipped with automatic flash. Most cameras have several flash settings for...

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How a Digital Camera Works

Digital cameras are quite similar to traditional cameras in their operation. They both have a lens to focus the image, a shutter to allow light inside the camera, and an aperture to control the amount of light which enters the...

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Image Storage

Traditional photography uses film as a storage medium. When one film is used up, simply take it out and pop in a new one. The film is eventually developed and the stored images printed. Digital photography also has a form...

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